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Friday, 5 October 2012

Educational Facilities: Taking a Good Look

A craftsman needs his tool to work.  The same can be said of engineers, architects, artists, or inventors.  Sometimes, it is not just the tool; required also is the environment.  In school, what do students and teachers need to operate?

The long minutes of thinking are not necessary; the answer is none other than the educational facilities.  Yes, those things students or teachers sometimes disregard or take for granted; those are their facilities, their tools and environment – the things that facilitate all educational processes of instruction and learning.

Take a look at that classroom: it has a complete set of chairs and desks, the desks are equipped with nook-keepers and its hinges are strong despite the numerous swinging for a close and open.  Take notice of the books, those reference-, text-, and work-books, as well as the writing implements.  All of these are the basic inclusive of students’ educational facilities.

How about your teachers or tutors?  They have those black and dustless whiteboards, all to share for students and other teachers alike.  They also have their own books, manuals and writing implements, those globes, maps, and other so-called ‘props’ – these too make up the educators’ educational facilities.

In general, both teachers and students are equipped with classrooms, and buildings that practically house those individual rooms.  And in each rooms, they’ve got the lighting, the windows, and fans – all of which gives sufficient comfort for its occupants.  And in each floor levels, there are comfort rooms to boot.  Other implements would include the library, the faculty room for teachers, the stage or centre quadrangles.     

Years of using these facilities, do students and teachers do something in return?  Do they take good care of these, repair or re-paint, et cetera?  Well, they should; these things are inanimate proofs of their academic progression.

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