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Monday, 25 June 2012

Educational Facilities: Conducting a User-Assessment

Rotting schools – are these old news? One common perception is that some schools are just plain lucky to get generous funding. Regardless of the truth or falsity of this statement, an important point to bring out is this: educational facilities are big deal.

Why? Check for yourself: would you like to write under poor lighting? Are you interested to hear your teacher’s lecture amidst the cars honking and zooming near the school’s purlieu? Are there sufficient areas for you to study or work your papers?

Evidently, educational facilities have something to do with all of those questions. From the term itself, your school should be able to effectively facilitate your education. Otherwise, your education does not solely suffer; so is your future.

For existing facilities, schools may start the improvement or refurbishment via a simple user-assessment; users referring to students and teachers. Provided below is a step-by-step process on conducting the user-assessment:

1. Encourage participation. The key to engaging user commitment is getting all the youth folks to participate. This can be made possible by introducing them to their needs, or practically their right – to have access to the best of school facilities.

2. Present the method (and make it easy for them). To avoid confusion, show them the method of getting and providing feedback in the language they understand. You may utilize a questionnaire, opinion poll, or detailed interviews to get the students’ story.

3. Give update on gathered feedback and plans. Every participator should be made aware of how the feedback is treated.

Educational facilities, indeed, have a huge room to play in every student’s learning and a teacher’s instructing. Whether it’s the building’s temperature, lighting, or multi-functional desks, every aspect does count. In sum, an efficient facility makes everyone’s hard work worthy – the teachers, students, or parents.

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