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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

How to Create an Ideal Learning Process

Education as a process is not a perfect one. Defined, education is the process in which knowledge, skills and other values are passed from one person to another. Education is a formative process, which means there is a need to shape and develop the students’ knowledge and skills during the entire course. Education as a process has many flaws. There is no perfection education, since there are no perfect teachers and perfect students. But the importance of education has been well established, and without it, the society would have not even flourished.

Although education cannot be, in any manner and any time, perfect, there is a need to set what could be called the ideal learning process. This ideal learning process or education is far from perfect, but it achieves the main goal of imparting and forming knowledge, skills, and values at the most effective manner. To do this, there is a need to consider some elements that are currently contributing a lot to the quality of education. Some of these aspects are educational facilities, teaching faculty and education administrators.

Educational facilities include but are not limited to school buildings, classrooms and equipment. These facilities help expedite the education process by making academic life more comfortable and suitable for learning. These facilities also help in creating an environment wherein students and teachers alike co-exist harmoniously.

Teaching faculty includes all personnel that are directly involved in imparting knowledge and skills. Education administrators, meanwhile, includes other individuals whose jobs are to facilitate the other school related activities aside from teaching.

These aspects, educational facilities, teaching faculty, administrators, as well as others, aid a lot in creating an ideal learning process. Just with the right mix of the above aspects, the society could create a system that would be effective in expediting education.

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