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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Major Factors Affecting Quality Education

Education is the process in which knowledge, skills and set of values are passed or imparted from a person to another. In the formal setting wherein learning is done in schools, the success of educators in imparting knowledge and skills depends on the quality of education they are providing to their students. There are, however, many factors that affect quality of education. This article will just discuss two of the major factors that affect the quality of education in school: educational facilities and academic faculty.

In a general sense, education refers to the formative process through which knowledge, skills, values and other sets of learning are passed or imparted from one person to another. This is usually done through a formal setting called school. Schools include but are not limited to primary schools, secondary schools, sixth form schools, vocational schools, colleges and universities. But for these educational institutions to function well so as to expedite the learning process, educational facilities are a necessity. These facilities refer to all the structures as well as equipment used to facilitate learning in schools. These facilities include buildings, classrooms, conference hall, libraries, gymnasiums, and other structures and equipment. Without these facilities, students have to endure holding classes under the scorching heat of the sun or risk getting wet by torrents of rain. Without these facilities, students would not have a decent place to learn the knowledge and skills they need.

Aside from educational facilities, a well-trained faculty is needed to expedite the learning process in schools. The academic faculty must be trained enough to handle the rigors of the teaching job and to be able to impart knowledge using the most effective methods. The school’s faculty should not just be a model of knowledge, skills and values, but also an epitome of true wisdom.

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