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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Entities that Set Requirements for Educational Facilities

Educational facilities should meet requirements set by the government through its education and concerned departments and the education sector or industry. The requirements include, among others, the quality of the construction materials, the measurements of the facilities, ventilation and safety to name a few.
  • Education Department – The requirements set for educational facilities are generally governed and regulated by the education department of the state or country and federal government if any. This is because, even though some of the requirements like building permits are secured from the office of the building official of the government, the education department is the ultimate approving body of school facilities permits. The education department sets requirements for the dimensions of classrooms taking into account the number of students and the space having enough room for movement. The department also audits of checks the school's maintenance of the requirements that it has met.
  • Concerned Departments – Because educational facilities are forms of infrastructure, the office of the building official of the government issues their permits to build and maintain such infrastructure. This is only one example of a concerned department apart from the education department. Other concerned departments of the government who are involved in setting requirements and regulating school facilities, aside from the office of the building official, are the fire department, the police department and health department, to name some. The professional regulation commission which is part of the government also oversees the qualifications of teachers and other professionals working in school facilities.
  • Sector and Industry – The school is part of the education sector and industry which involve associations and organisations. These entities regulate themselves and their members. They set high standards for membership and the maintenance of such. Included in these standards are the requirements regarding school facilities, academic performance and others. It is important to note that these associations include in their regulation and accreditation of the schools the latter's school infrastructure.

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