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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Educational Facilities: The Story of Loss and Lack

Students spend a good deal of their learning periods at school.  What does this fact implicate?  --That students needed to have access to a comfortable environment, one that fosters learning, creativity, and dreams.

Yet, famous instances entail that the loss or lack of educational facilities (or education) inspire the strongest ambitions on students.  Some students who haven’t have the comfort of good chairs, later on their adult (and capable) years, provide such chairs.  One might say it’s charitable, but in truth, a lot of educational institutions simply couldn’t afford to provide.

Such scenario obscures the picturesque environments of developed countries’ schools.  This countries of which not only superbly meet the requirements of educational facilities but also gives education for free.  Perhaps, another may simply say that one’s simple dream is another’s lofty privilege.

And in the utopian world of education, such facilities need not be the bottom-line.  Instead, everyone opts to pick the progress for quality rearing of students.  No one needs to complain about the hideously dirty (and disease-nesting) lavatory or uncomfortable comfort rooms.  No one needs to share one book among five or dozens of other pupils.  No one has to painfully content the butt to sit on concrete-floors.

Until all such simple things are met, students will continue to cry for quality facilities.  In common instances, the access to educational facilities is a strong reinforcement to students.  The comfort of sitting and listening to the teacher sounds better than having to stay outside, till the soil and help in harvesting crops. 
It is good that large educational institutions and organisations work on helping the underprivileged institutions.  However, the wonder of the lack and loss of facilities is the inventive inspiration that hits students and other individuals – designing eco-friendly schools, or constructing chairs out of indigenous materials.

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