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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Issues to Consider in Designing Educational Facilities

Throughout history, the importance of educational facilities facilitating learning has been largely overlooked, because the focus of the educational process has largely been centered on students, teachers, teaching aids, and technology. The main guideline that has been followed by learning institutions in building educational facilities is that it is aesthetically pleasing to outside viewers and that it maximizes space allotted for the building in which the school is built on.

It is fortunate for educators as well as students of architecture alike that there is an existing database of educational architecture over the past decade that is easily and readily accessible. This has resulted to the creation of standards outlining the best practices for planning and designing the educational facilities of modern schools. This language of design has a foundation in the skills of literacy and numeracy. This, when combined with the demands facing a global economy, will require learners to be curious, self-directed, and be able to work in different kinds of platforms. Below are practices that support the requirements of a contemporary educational framework:
  • Supports teaching and learning. Educational facilities should be changed from classrooms which encourage the creation of “turfs” to one that fosters collaboration in interdisciplinary studies. To achieve this end, there should be flexible studios, access to outside project areas, and spaces to perform inventive, experimental projects. Outdoor learning areas should have adjustable sun filtering elements, rain protection, exterior storage and an independent source of electricity.
  • Maximizes the physical comfort and well-being of students and teachers. The basic requirements to provide this are structures sheltering students from cold, heat, humidity and give them access to fresh air. Requirements for the modern educational setting include access to daylight in all learning spaces where this is appropriate, view windows suited for the ages and sizes of students in the school, and operable windows which will allow ventilation and fresh air to be controlled and distributed well.

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